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Use the energy in our cities many times — revolutionary heat pump technology

A massive reduction of emissions from heating apartment buildings with a potential to change the world.
Those are the possibilities of Qvantum’s revolutionary technology that has already won Design Plus Award at ISH 2023!

Back when natural gas was cheap and easy to get, it made sense in the world to use individual gas burners for heating in apartments. But that just not the way of the world anymore.

A sustainable alternative is the heat pump. In Scandinavia many households have had heat pumps for decades – in Sweden it’s 60 percent of the market. For apartment buildings, the norm is however district heating. There are benefits with energy grids but District heating still relies on combustion.

But the two technologies can be combined without being dependant on combustion. And this is where it gets interesting.

Fredrik Rosenqvist is the CEO and founder of Qvantum:
“We were a group of people in management positions in the heat pump and energy industries who started talking about this. We soon realized that combining the two technologies would be a game-changer for the rest of Europe. It would reduce costs, energy consumption, and CO2 on a massive scale”.

Must be a radical change

And it would be perfect for existing developments.
“Everybody in Europe knows there must be a radical change in how buildings are heated. We intend to be a part of that revolution”, Rosenqvist says.

His words are backed by a serious player: ISH.
Qvantum’s brand new Apartment Heat Pump was announced Design Plus Winner at ISH 2023. The award is organized by Messe Frankfurt and the German Design Council and focus on innovative content as well as technical and ecological quality.

Want to know more?
Visit Qvantum at ISH 2023!

Qvantum’s award winning Apartment Heat Pump uses incoming circuit water of typically 10 – 20 ° C as an energy source.

Qvantum won side by side with giants Bosch and Siemens and that positions Qvantum in the top of the market.
They will receive the price at the at the famous Messe Center in Frankfurt.

The story of Qvantum has spread. And that means they are being approached by large and famous investors who want to be part of this technological revolution.

“I am deeply impressed”

The lead investors include Thomas von Koch (Partner and fmr CEO of the global private equity firm EQT) investing through his private company, IMAS Foundation (a sister foundation to the INGKA Foundation, owner of INGKA Group operating most IKEA stores globally)

“I am deeply impressed by the team behind Qvantum, they possess world leading experience from energy systems, innovative technologies and high-quality production. A talented team with a strong purpose to electrify and decarbonize Europe is what attracted me to Qvantum”, says Thomas von Koch.

Showcasing the Heat Pump in Frankfurt

Munters, the global leader in energy-efficient air treatment and climate solutions, also joined the financing round and will enter into a co-operation agreement with Qvantum. Other Series B investors are SEB Greentech, DIG Investment (connected to the H&M Persson family) and Gullspång Invest. Mats Rahmström, CEO of Atlas Copco, is also investing through his private company and joins Qvantum as industrial advisor.

Qvantum's revolutionary heat pump technology can rewrite the energy conditions in Europe.

Qvantum’s revolutionary heat pump technology can rewrite the energy conditions in Europe.

A European game changer!
Meet the people behind this revolutionary technology

You can meet Qvantum where they showcase the Apartment Heat Pump here in Frankfurt during ISH 2023 (Stand: Hall 12.1 E30) and at many other conventions throughout the yea

5th generation low temperature district heating and cooling (5GDHC) is a way of changing from fossil fuel heating to highly-efficient carbon-free climate control in urban environments. This is done using heat pumps either harvesting the energy from the air, the ground or using exhaust air. The 5GDHC also enables the usage of excess heat – and excess cold – that otherwise would go to waste.

Can lead to rapid decarbonization

All in all, creating a circular heating and cooling system that makes it possible to switch from fossil in all kinds of urban developments.

Traditional heat pumps have been too large and much too expensive for use in apartments and have often required an outdoor unit that is usually not allowed – or even possible – to install outside an apartment. But the development of low- temperature district heating changes all that.

Now it is possible to install Apartment Heat Pumps where usually gas-burners would have been the go-to solution. And this can lead to rapid decarbonization of the cities of Europe.

Excess heat is harvested

The general idea is to make local low-temperature district heating networks with tens, hundreds or even thousands of connected buildings. Both in New developments or retrofit.
Excess heat in the area is harvested, and each apartment has a small heat pump that can provide both heat and cold. Large heat pumps are installed along the circuit to make sure balance is kept.

“Every apartment or workspace has its own source of heating that can be individually controlled. But every single unit helps the system and is digitally connected and monitored. This method uses up to 80% less energy than traditional heating,” says Fredrik Rosenqvist, CEO of Qvantum.

Qvantum is changing the world
Learn more at ISH 2023 in Frankfurt

Qvantum offers a wide range of efficient heat pumps.

Qvantum’s award winning Apartment Heat Pump uses incoming circuit water of typically 10 – 20 ° C as an energy source. The 6 kW heat pump transforms that energy to create either heat or cold.
It then returns the water with a lower or higher temperature to the circuit, where 100s or 1000s of other heat pumps help balance the temperature in the circuit.

So small that it can fit anywhere

It creates up to 5 kWh of heat for every kWh of power used and uses a refrigerant (R290) with an ultra-low climate footprint.

Qvantums Apartment Heat Pump is so small that it can fit anywhere – even under a sink. It can even be mounted on a wall to a stairwell and fitted with a service hatch so that service can be performed from outside the apartment. It has been designed with a modular concept so service and installation come very easily and require very little training.

The heat pump is connected to a compact wall mounted hydro unit that can fit anywhere where a gas burner or any traditional water tank would be installed.

The backbone of their approach

“The Apartment Heat Pump is the backbone of our approach to low-temperature circuit heating. By combining the small units with bigger ones and using ultra-modern software, our aim is to get the cities of Europe to stop heating houses by burning things. Now it can be done rather easily, and this award shows that the industry understands that,” says Rosenqvist.

This is a game changer for many small families living in apartments. After insane price hikes on gas prices and the need for government bailout checks The Apartment Heat Pump can contribute to making yours and your family’s future more secure.

This is a game changer for people living in European cities when it comes to green energy.

A unique opportunity at ISH 2023!
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